Snacks at AHS

Snacks at AHS
Snacks at AHS

It's healthy. It's a quick energy boost. It's meant to help teach students about food nutrition.  It started when athletic director Mr. Renk wanted to find a food program to help get students that participate in afterschool activities a quick energy boost before going to practice.  

"I really wanted to find something to offer to our students that were headed to practice.  Sometimes they are here till 6 PM or later. So finding a snack program that could help give them a boost right after school, but didn't overload them with food before going to practice was important."

That is when USD 409 food service director Patty Gaul came into the picture.  "I knew there were programs out there because I had seen them in other districts.  Patty knew exactly how they worked and how to get AHS signed up for it.  She was also able to tailor the right program to make the best choices for our students.  I didn't want to offer a carton of milk to students that were getting ready to go outside in the Kansas heat and run.  We figured out there were other options to offer with juice or fruit options."

"That is when Ms. Hansen joined in and we realized this program was for all students and we could expand it and offer to any students that were interested."

Now every day after school there is a table set up in the commons and a combination of 2 different snacks are offered.  Federal regulations require students to consume the food on school grounds.  They are not allowed to bring it home. There is also a requirement of an educational component to the Federal Snack Program.  Students from Ms. Dimmitt's food classes will help with the educational component by creating posters to show students what food group is being offered on any particular day or even making cards to hand to the students that offer advice for making better choices when eating.  

Students line up to get their free snack after school.  

"It's nice to see students taking advantage of the program.  And it keeps growing.  The first-day Ms.Hansen handed out 55 snacks.  By the end of the first week Patty had increased the amount to 100 snacks and on Friday we almost handed all of them out to students.  Patty picks snacks that will not spoil so we are not wasting food which is important."

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